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These whimsical pieces on the show reflect the work of a real-life artist. They were created by Jill Kaasteen Meserve (@jill.kaasteen), who is Lingit and based in Juneau, Alaska. “That was so fun and surreal to do,” says Meserve of making the comical pieces in the show (she is a close friend of the series’s co-creator, Sterlin Harjo). “I love creating pieces that I hope will amuse people, and what’s funnier than a classic dick joke?” Meserve is not the only beadwork artist who is rethinking their traditional craft with a contemporary (if not kitschy) slant: Across the Indigenous community, a new crop of beadwork artists are infusing their jewelry pieces with a sense of humor. There’s two, in particular, that stand out.

Roll Tide football Black Girl 2022 shirt

Meserve first learned her beadwork skills during elementary school in Alaska, which incorporated culture-based teachings. “My first memory of beading was maybe in the first grade; I was stringing beads on the bottom of a tunic,” says Meserve. As she got into middle and high school, she took even more craftwork classes, where she truly began perfecting her beading. “This was where I learned my beading method today—from my aunties that taught my class,” says Meserve. Now, Meserve’s work has expanded to include medallions of bananas, middle fingers, and even aliens. Her designs are a far cry from her Lingit tribe’s traditional designs—though the way she beads them still pays homage to its traditional craft style. “I use my same beadwork methods that I learned as a child, but the designs themselves arenʼt traditional Lingít artwork,” says Meserve. “Lingít beadwork can be seen mostly in flowers and seaweed—done on regalia like octopus bags, dance robes, dance tunics, vests, moccasins, headbands. But I really try to make more contemporary things that people will find amusing.”

Roll Tide football Black Girl 2022 s Hoodie

Another beadwork artist who is fusing a traditional and contemporary aesthetic? Sydne Gray, a Muscogee (Creek) artist from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation reservation in Tulsa, Oklahoma (her work has also been spotlighted on Reservation Dogs). Gray taught herself how to do beadwork growing up—she learned how to sew from her grandmother—and began finding her aesthetic while studying in college. “I desperately needed an outlet to reconnect me to my creativity, so I decided to buckle down and teach myself how to bead,” says Gray. Now, her pieces include unconventional designs like beaded flaming hearts, Daft Punk heads, and even Lactaid logos (poking fun at lactose intolerance amongst Indigenous folks). “I intend for humor and playfulness to be at the core of everything I make,” says Gray, who often looks to movies, music, or video games for inspiration. “I’ve always been a sucker for campy, over-the-top, exaggerated expressions. . . I don’t have any boundaries.”

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