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This is our best seller for a reason. Relaxed, tailored and ultra-comfortable, you’ll love the way you look in this durable, reliable classic 100% pre-shrunk cotton (heather gray color is 90% cotton/10% polyester, light heather gray is 98% cotton/2% polyester, heather black is 50% cotton/50% polyester) | Fabric Weight: 5.0 oz (mid-weight) Tip: Buying 2 products or more at the same time will save you quite a lot on shipping fees. You can gift it for mom dad papa mommy daddy mama boyfriend girlfriend grandpa grandma grandfather grandmother husband wife family teacher Its also casual enough to wear for working out shopping running jogging hiking biking or hanging out with friends Unique design personalized design for Valentines day St Patricks day Mothers day Fathers day Birthday More info 53 oz ? pre-shrunk cotton Double-needle stitched neckline bottom hem and sleeves Quarter turned Seven-eighths inch seamless collar Shoulder-to-shoulder taping

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Though it was something to see Simon Porte Jacquemus’s spectacular runway in a French wheatfield—all those sweeping aerial drone views—and to feel the poignant emotion as three young Italian tenors sang live at Dolce & Gabanna’s socially distanced men’s show in Milan, ultimately this season proved that there are so many more options for effective, compelling, and long-lasting ways of capturing what fashion’s all about today. Those who’ve experimented with media to say something genuine and personal during the pandemic—Gabriela Hearst’s video of riding with her sister in California and her honest spoken-word statement about sustainability stick in the memory—are for certain pointing towards a more open, intelligent, and progressive future for the way we view fashion from now on. On the whole, though, my conclusion—albeit from the privileged perspective who someone who usually gets to go to physical fashion shows—is that while digital assets can be complementary, they will not make real-life fashion shows obsolete anytime soon. Rick Owens’s decision to put himself and Tyrone Dylan Susman in his video lookbook was effective, but as we discussed it (and pesky I.T. issues) over a Zoom pre-stream, it was hard not to lament the missed the real Rick show that this replaced. Also: It was a pity that Miuccia Prada’s last solo collection was reduced to a series of videos that were perfectly fine but inadequate substitutes for what her last show would have represented. That was why when we did get to real shows, Etro and then Dolce & Gabbana (plus Jacquemus later in France), it was wonderful. Clothes are all about contact: As a wearer, you feel them on your skin, and as a watcher, you process them with your eye. The watching part can be done secondhand, but the impact will always be second to the real thing. I read some commentators in the U.S. saying, “Too soon” or “Wear a damn mask!” (which I always did), but these opinions—while valid enough—lack perspective. Milan and its surrounding region Lombardy went through what New York did but earlier. Through sagacious governmental management much more effective than that of the U.S., Italy has managed dramatically to flatten the curve across the rest of its territory. These shows—just like the reopening of flights, stores, factories, and restaurants—were symptomatic of recovery that, far from being taken for granted, is being tended to with vigilance and cherished with gratitude. The digital Fashion Weeks were better than no Fashion Weeks at all, but as an upgrade on the real thing? Nah.

Christmas Horse on the naughty list and I regret nothing sweater

Needless to say, I was MORTIFIED. My brother was quick to assure me that as soon as he realized that it was clear glass he turned away (of course, the poor guy was in shock from the horror of what he briefly glimpsed!). I went out onto the balcony to have a cigarette whilst he showered so he didn’t have to be paranoid or feel pressured to hurry up. We then went straight to our parent’s room and told them about it. My dad couldn’t believe it, I mean, this was a 5* hotel, what kind of perverse designer would put a window looking into the shower/toilet room? In a TWIN room, so clearly not a room for people who were there intending on getting some sexy time in?! My mum wanted poached eggs so requested that at the egg station. Despite the card prominently displayed next to the station offering eggs prepared any way you like, the chef told my mum that he’d have to send down to the kitchen for them as he didn’t have the equipment to make poached eggs. Fair enough, we thought, he doesn’t appear to have a freshwater supply so that’s understandable, but perhaps the sign should mention it! After about 30 minutes the eggs came up were cold, along with the scrambled eggs I’d ordered. When we mentioned it to the chef he told us that we should have just had the fried eggs from the buffet. That was the last straw for my dad and he demanded that we are moved to the other Le Meridian hotel in Singapore, on Orchard Road. The manager had clearly been told we were coming as we were given a 4 bedroom suite, which was probably double the size of our house! From that point on the rest of the holiday was amazing, so at least the peeping tom shower had an upside! Sorry to those who read this before it was finished, the Quora app keeps crashing on me when I’m writing answers – it crashed more than 10 times writing this out! Karen crab walks to the door, not eye breaking with me. He talks with both assistance manager and they both tell him the same thing I say, angry he throws an f bomb and walks out. Before he hits the door I call out “sir, your cash?” I hold his cash up, he does a turn around grabs his cash and storms off. Me, “ok bye sir Karen” both assistance manager laugh as the guy throws the finger before driving off. Got to love those Karen’s.

Christmas Horse on the naughty list and I regret nothing sweater hoodie

On a flight from Chicago to Houston, three family members sat in the seat behind me. It was an early morning flight. Someone in that row had the worst body odor ever. I mean it brought tears to my eyes. I was trying to breathe through my mouth so I didn’t have to smell it. When we took off, suddenly a pair of feet in dirty socks that also stunk to high hell appeared on either side of my feet. You gotta be kidding me I thought. I turned around and asked him….kind of told him that I didn’t wish to fly the next two hours with his feet in my space, so he did put them down but left his shoes off. The final insult to injury was when the three of them decided to feast on fried chicken. The smell was overwhelming. For the first time in my life, I took out the airsick bag because I wasn’t sure I could hold it together. Passengers around them were all making faces and they were just oblivious. We were all turning our little air vents so they were pointing at these three people. It was the longest flight with a sick stomach that I ever had. I remember a former co-worker who I thought was being rude exclusively to me. She was the receptionist at my then employer and would get into bad moods and slam down my mail on my desk. I asked her if she could please place it on my desk more quietly and she responded “Lalala” with her fingers in her ears like a little kid trying to tune out his parents. I tried to rise above it and ignored her for a while, hoping she would knock it off but she didn’t stop. I didn’t see her treating anyone else like that so I finally went to her boss, the office manager, asked for a private meeting, and told him I was having a problem with the receptionist. Here’s the key. I told him to negotiate a golden parachute clause. If the station succeeds and makes lots of money, they will sell it for a huge profit. The new owners never keep the old Program Director. Ask for in severance. They agreed! But it gets better because he is now unemployed in an industry with a tight job market, The state gave him money and agreed to retrain him on Microsoft certifications.

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