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Jennifer Mascia is a writer known for her work at The Trace, America’s only publication dedicated to reporting on the gun-violence crisis, as well as for the 2010 memoir Never Tell Our Business to Strangers. Until 2014, she was a regular contributor to The Gun Report, the daily rundown of gun violence in America helmed by New York Times columnist Joe Nocera. Mascia worked in metro and editorial at The New York Times for eight years and graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in 2007. After nearly a decade of covering mass shootings, I’m tired of seeing so little change. Sometimes it feels like I’m narrating the end of the world. What keeps me fighting? The possibility that one day, 150 years from now, when logic has prevailed and this problem has been remedied, future generations will read about the people who fought to stop the bloodshed and will take comfort in the fact that we did something.

Official dear Santa My Kids Did It Christmas 2022 Shirt

We weren’t content to just let people die. Amid a broken electoral system and a politicized Supreme Court and a rapacious gun lobby and a twisted interpretation of our founding documents and a violent white-supremacist uprising, there were people who did care. Apathy didn’t win. —as told to Emma Specter Founded in April 2002, Erica Ford’s LIFE Camp, Inc. is one of the leading violence-prevention and -intervention organizations in America. Based in South Jamaica, Queens, the organization develops young leaders and provides youth and families with positive alternatives to violence, bullying, and other forms of antisocial behavior. Ford is the distinguished recipient of countless awards, has addressed the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, and has led a task force around violence prevention with Domestic Policy Director Ambassador Susan Rice and other members of the Biden Administration.

Official dear Santa My Kids Did It Christmas 2022 Shirt Hoodie

I’ve been in at least 20 shootouts in my life, and a lot of people who I grew up with got killed or went to jail for 20 and 30 years. I saw the impact of their incarceration or murder on their families, especially their children. I wanted to help break the cycle. I wanted to help people heal, I wanted us to live differently, and I didn’t feel like this lifestyle of continuing violence was something that our children needed to be exposed to. So I committed to establishing an institution that can show you how to deal with your trauma, release your trauma, heal from your trauma, and not resolve your pain through interpersonal conflict. With LIFE Camp, I wanted to create a vehicle that could be institutionalized—it’s about how we can transform the conditions of violence in our communities across America, starting with South Jamaica, Queens. Together with some of my friends, we would work directly with young people, and we were able to shift the dynamics of gun violence in that particular community. We worked by helping them heal and showing them how to turn what they loved into a career—not just getting a job and not just going to school because their parents said they should but asking them: What do you really want to do with your life? It used to be the number one area for gun violence in Queens, but there have been zero incidents in the last year.

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